Monday, September 12, 2011

Grab Flights to New Zealand – A Haven for Solo Travellers

New Zealand is a paradise for backpackers and offers everything from sky-piercing mountains to scenic warmth, adrenaline rush activities to serene beaches – all in all the complete bundle of elements that add thrill to solo travelling.

The hidden secret behind New Zealand’s eminence is the diversity of adventure activities that prompt many solo travellers and back packers to browse the web for airlines offering cheap tickets on flights to New Zealand. One can walk through rainforest, go kayaking on the dark waters of an ancient fiord, or immerse in the beauty of rich underwater life. Hiking, trekking, scuba-diving, jet-boating, kayaking or sightseeing – Kiwiland has everything for adventure seeking solo travellers. The country has emerged as a versatile adventure destination which is probably the reason why adventure enthusiasts hunt for discounted airfares on cheap flights to New Zealand from around the world.

And yes, Bungee Jumping is a popular fad here!! Almost everyone who books cheap flights to New Zealand for a daring vacation makes a room for this. Kawarau River Bridge, the Nevis, the Pipeline, the Ledge (near Queenstown), Taupo and Mangaweka (North Island) and Hanmer Springs (South Island) are among the famous jump-off points for Bungee Jumping. In fact, if outdoor activities lure travellers to book cheap flights to NZ, especially solo travellers, then bungee jumping and bridge swinging get the utmost credit. Not to forget, NZ is the birthplace of Zorbing that entices many solo travellers to book flights to New Zealand for the experience in situ.

That’s NZ in a nutshell– the country with awe-inspiring marvels of nature and a hub of solo travellers all over the world.

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