Wednesday, September 19, 2012

India Might Extend Visa-on-Arrival to 10 More Nations

India may very soon offer tourist Visa-on-Arrival (VoA) to nationals of 10 more countries taking flights to the country. The tourism authorities are in the final stages of meetings and consultations to offer tourist VoA to the nations.

It is a common belief that T-VoA adds to the tourism industry of the country offering it as more vacationers get attracted in booking flights. Since the introduction of this service to 11 nations, India has become increasingly popular destination among thousands taking flights to India from these regions.

Indeed, favourable visa on arrival policies for more foreign nationals may spell a boost in the number for foreign holidaymakers on flights to the nation. In fact, it may very well assist Indian Government to realise its target of increasing the international tourist footfall manifold by 2016.

Germany, France and Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) could be among the 10 nations that could be provided VoA facility.

As of now, nationals of 11 countries on India bound flights can enjoy visa on arrival facilities. These countries include Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Singapore, Myanmar, Finland, Luxembourg and New Zealand.

T-VoA is issued for up to 30 days and is restricted for recreation, sightseeing or meeting friends in the country. Also, foreign nationals on India bound flights who choose to get this facility must have a passport with minimum six-month validity and must not have a residence or occupation in the nation.

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