Monday, September 10, 2012

Popular Delhi Book Fair 2012 to Close on Sunday

Flights to Delhi are particularly popular amongst those sightseers who wish to get a slice of this famous momentous city that simply tempts with its unique cultural parade of old-world charms. However, every year hundreds of bibliophiles board flights to this Indian city to partake in one of country’s most eagerly awaited exposition, Delhi Book Fair (DBF).

The 18th of DBF started on September 1 and is set to conclude on September 9, 2012 in India’s capital city of Delhi. One of India’s leading literary events, DBF has long been a catalyst for pushing enquiries from book lovers and publishers on flights to India connecting to the city.

The event started with a record attendance from bibliophiles on flights to Delhi, domestic as well as overseas. DBF 2012 is playing host to around 253 publishers - both regional and international. Publishers from India, France, US, UK, Russia, Germany, China and Pakistan have participated in the event.

The event features around 600 stalls in a bid to encourage more booklovers on flights to India to get a slice of literary works from around the borders. With eBooks as its theme, DBF 2012 has witnessed participation from a number of Indian and foreign e-publishers. The event also features a huge variety of eBooks to tap the new age bibliophiles who arrived here on flights to India.

The efforts put in to make the event a success seem to have paid off well so far. The fair closes on Sunday and expects hordes of book lovers to be a part of it over the weekend.

Visitors who have managed to land in the city on flights to India while the exposition has been on also have the opportunity to participate in knowledge packed seminars throwing light on e-publishing.

Annually held since 1995, DBF has been a vital platform for lesser-known authors and publishers from worldwide.

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