Thursday, September 27, 2012

More Airlines to Begin India Flights Connecting to Kolkata

Foreign tourists taking flights to India connecting Kolkata have a reason to smile as four foreign carriers are likely to begin flight services to this Indian city. 

Turkish Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Flydubai and Xiamen Airlines are in talks with Civil Aviation Ministry of India and are trying to negotiate for flight services to the new airport in Kolkata.

Malaysia Airlines started flights to Kolkata in 2005-06 but drew back its services owing to route restructuring programme. Besides, Turkish Airlines, the national carrier of Turkey, Xiaman, the first private-owned operator of China and Flydubai, the low cost air carrier of Dubai, are keen on beginning flights to one of the largest metropolises of India.

Foreign travellers have myriads of flight options as many carriers, including international as well as operators in India, are already offering flights to the Indian city.

Recently, Qatar Airways and Silk Air commenced Kolkata-bound India flights. On the other hand, Dragon Air, the subsidiary of Cathay Pacific, is another carrier that will start flights from the India metropolis to Hong Kong from November.

Travellers from Gulf, tourists from UK, rest of the Europe and Far East are likely to benefit from the development. They will be able to choose from a plethora of connecting flights for a seamless connectivity to India and that too at extremely reasonable prices.

All the four international carriers have already surveyed the traffic potential and are confident of high load factor.

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