Saturday, September 29, 2012

Indian Formula One Effect – Hotel Rooms Gets Costlier!

With Indian Grand Prix just around the corner, demand for hotel rooms in the area has gone up pushing up the room costs!  Sports aficionados who were slow in making bookings for flights to India and hotels will be a disappointed lot as the tariffs for guest rooms will have big effect on their pockets now, in case they decide to book them.

The second edition of the Indian Grand Prix will take place in the Buddha International Circuit (BIC), a racing circuit that is built very close to the India’s capital city, New Delhi, which is a popular holiday destination that remains on the priority list of holiday makers taking flights to the country.

Media reports tell that most of the luxury properties and some budget accommodation alternatives in the region have witnessed a great rise in the bookings, as heaps of tourists are descending upon the shores of India for the event.

The F1 event was a huge success in the 2011, when heaps of foreign racing enthusiasts grabbed flights tickets to the country. The 2012 Indian Grand Prix, to be held in October 26 to 28, promises to be even better and is enticing many to look for India bound flights this time too.

Authorities expect that around 100,000 spectators will come to watch the race, with a good potion of them being foreigners who are in India or are taking flights to the country.

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