Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Heedful Tips for a Rewarding Dubai Desert Safari

Desert safari is one of the luring baits that increase the demand for tickets aboard Dubai flights by leaps and bounds! A good number of overseas travellers including Britons book those flights tickets to enjoy the enchanting dune bashing in arid landscape near the city. The exhilarating ride and marvellous spectacles of suntanned terrains, sparse vegetation and intriguing Bedouins do make for remarkable experience. But at the same time, it is essential to take time off to consider following factors to actually make it happen. 

Types of Packages
Plethora of safari tours is available on the internet and city-based operators. You can either go for all-inclusive Dubai packages combining flights tickets, accommodation, sightseeing tour and desert trips or buy exclusive expedition. Travellers who are short of time can jaunt the nearby destination such as Hatta village. It is a captivating stretch of wonderful terrains and undulating mountains where vacationers buying tickets aboard Dubai flights can take delights in picnic in the shade or immerse in cultural ethos of Hatta Heritage village. Alternatively, tourists can book private overnight tours to far-off dunes and live like Bedouins amid never-ending sprawl of sand under starry night. They can gorge on the scrumptious barbeque dinner; smoke the sheesha pipe and behold the superb folk and belly dancing performances. No wonder, the overwhelming experience is worth more than the cost of tickets on flights and vacations in Dubai

Carefully pick your Dubai safari packages. Compare the prices and ask about the driver’s driving skills as well as ability to speak English. 

Eschew eating and drinking too much before dune bashing as it is a bumpy ride. Eat a light meal to shun off nausea and uncomfortable trip.     

Carry essential items like hat, sunglasses, camera and a lightweight cardigan. 

Since it is difficult to remove fine sand, wear open shoes or sandals.

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