Friday, August 16, 2013

Off The Beaten Track Attractions of Goa

The allure of Goa’s scenic beaches is impossible to resist for international travellers who book their tickets on flights to the state seeking a relaxing holiday by the Arabian Sea in India. However, those willing to take the pains to seek out off beat attractions and activities are sure to be spoilt for choice. Following are two such offbeat attractions for those booking air tickets to this part of India.

Cabo De Rama Fort 

Originally built by regional kings and later captured by the Portuguese who later colonised the state, Cabo De Rama is an impressive structure even at present. The current ruins with its turrets and rusty cannons are remnants of the Portuguese renovations made to the original building. Though unknown to most travellers who purchase tickets onboard flights terminating at Goa, the site is quite popular among the locals, who prefer it as a day-trip getaway during weekends. The destination also houses an old church dedicated to Saint Antonio, which still holds services for its many devotees. Located overlooking the sea, this old military stronghold gives unmatched views of the scenic area and is sure to give flights to your imagination.        

Crocodile Watching

The state of Goa in India features extensive mangrove forests at certain points along its coast. These regions provide the perfect place for crocodiles to flourish and watching them close up is bound to be an adventure for those booking seats on international flights to the country. The most popular place for this activity is the small village of Cumbarjua located along the coast. The area features many boat owners who allow travellers to purchase tickets aboard regular ferry services and take short trips in these waters for a thrilling time. On such trips, ensure that you are accompanied by an experienced guide and do follow all safety guidelines, because these mammoth creatures may occasionally be a trifle unpredictable.

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