Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Top Three Off-Beat Attractions in Chennai

An exotic cocktail of old-world charms and modern-day marvels, Gateway to South India, Chennai casts its spell even upon the most jaded of travellers booking travel packages for holidays to the country and looking to tread city’s roads less travelled. So if you have grown blasé of the usual attractions in the metropolis, take a quick peek into the slightly less frequented charms of the city. 

Dakshina Chitra
Dakshin Chitra is a heritage village that delights its visitors with an extravagant dose of arts, crafts and architecture of southern India. Be it feasting eyes on the interesting shadow puppet shows; trying hands at the potter’s wheel; learning the art of traditional basket-weaving; or getting one’s portrait done by the village artists, Dakshin Chitra has absolutely no dearth of action for those who book travel packages for fun-filled holidays to Chennai. 

Crocodile Farm
The Crocodile farm in Chennai is a place unlike any other! This superb reptile zoo is home to more than 2500 reptiles including one of the world’s largest salt water crocodiles. For a more thrilling experience, visitors who are booking flights and accommodation packages for holidays to the metropolis in southern India may plan to hop on night safaris to see territorial disputes, breeding activity and general high excitement around the ponds filled with deadly crocs! 

Madras High Court
It would be no exaggeration to say that no holidays to the metropolis in South India are rendered complete without a trip to the High Court building, world’s second largest judicial complex! Each and every corner of this complex done in Indo-Saracenic architecture seems to have been designed to keep the rovers gasping in awe. Quite expectedly, this red sand stone building adorned with stained glass windows and minarets tempts visitors booking travel packages to the city to give a miss to other attractions and spend quite some time here.

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