Friday, August 2, 2013

Bonderam Festival to Take Place in Goa in August 2013

India’s premier beachside destination never fails to impress rovers and is all geared up once again to pleasingly stun those who are planning to book or have already booked tickets aboard flights arriving in India for holidays to Goa during the month of August 2013. India’s popular beachside destination is all set to host the Bonderam Festival in August 2013. 

The fiesta will feature a wide variety of music, street performances, dance and cultural programmes to engage and entertain the visitors who book tickets on international flights destined for the country. In addition, those who opt to attend the event will also be able to indulge in entertaining activities like shopping at local bazaars and enjoy a variety of cultural programmes including flag parade accompanied by a brass band, a fancy dress competition, the traditional float parade and a live band performance by the locally popular music bands.

Authorities are ensuring all measures to provide adequate infrastructure and security to tourists who have already booked or are planning to spend on tickets aboard international flights to enjoy the annual Bonderam Festival celebrated on the island of Divar in Goa.   

Full of colonial edifices, churches, waterfalls and sun-baked beaches, Goa has long been one of India’s popular hotspot amongst travellers from across the globe. Every year, millions of foreigners seek air tickets aboard flights destined for the region to lounge languidly on the beaches and explore the historical legacy of the destination in India during their holidays.

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