Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bask in the Glory of Canberra's Fireside Festival 2013

Canberra has geared up for the beguiling Fireside Festival 2013, the annual celebration of winter with eclectic food, euphonic music and finest wines. Running through August, it is a time when Australian food scene gets all the more breathtaking and a time when already mesmerizing music culture gets all the more thrilling. No wonder, the month of August is right for visiting Canberra and making the most of your money invested on tickets aboard Australia flights. More than 20 venues, including restaurants, vineyards and galleries, across Canberra are hosting spectacular events for visitors. Here is a rundown to some of the venues! 

Podfood is a unique eating house situated in the middle of verdant gardens of Pialligo Plantfarm. The restaurant is located close to Canberra CBD and serves wide-ranging bill of fare. Blending the awe-inspiring ambience with utterly delectable flavours of Australia, it is definitely the right choice for wallowing in Fireside Festival’s glory and relishing the best of cuisines. Truffle Dinner and Majura Valley Experience are among the breathtaking features of the eatery. Those who have strived hard for booking flights tickets will be justly rewarded with endless dishes and wines. And those who are yet to buy their tickets on flights arriving in Australia must make the arrangement as soon as possible. 

Mount Majura Vineyard
Mount Majura Vineyard boasting red, volcanic soil and ancient limestone is another fascinating stop for relishing the premium vino of Australia called Tempranillo and for soaking up the charm of the affair. During the fest, it is serving Spanish themed tapas and tasting nights on select days. Visitors can enjoy the signature wines, gorge on the regional platters and take pleasure in “Gumboot Tours” of the vineyard. Situated just ten minutes from Canberra, it is likely to attract hordes of locals and tourists who bought tickets on flights for the event.  It is advisable to book in advance.

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