Thursday, December 29, 2011

ABTA Reports Luxury and budget Holidays to Tread Big In 2012

ABTA’s travel trend report 2012 reveals positive signs for travel industry despite the economic slowdown; Britons will go for ‘value for money’ holidays over cheap flight and hotels; Luxury and budget holidays will sell more than mid market holidays.

The Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) released its Travel Trends Report 2012 on Tuesday 27th 2011. This report, developed in collaboration with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, predicts that the luxury and all-inclusive breaks would have an edge over the mid-market holidays in 2012.

Authentic and specialist holidays

Desirous of getting value for money, tourists will seek new experiences, which might fuel the demand for holidays to destinations with strong and authentic sense of location, in everything from food to setting and excursions to entertainment.

Specialist holidays like cruising, adventure, exploration, spiritual breaks, learning and activity holiday or wedding/honeymoon package are also expected to perform well in 2012.

Oppressed with economic uncertainty, one in five couples currently marries overseas and spends as less as £6500 as compared to £20000 in the UK. The report hinted an increase in the number of overseas weddings in the coming year.

Hot destinations

The figures for early booking of airline tickets for summer 2012 depict the impact of economic downturn with travellers playing safe by booking airline tickets were for tried-and-tested destinations. Hence, short and mid haul destinations like France, Greece, Italy and Spain are likely to be popular tourist haunts in 2012.

The figures also indicated that flights to USA are in demand for summer 2012. USA has been one of the top family friendly destinations for Britons and ranked number 3 in ABTA’s 2011 Consumer Trends Survey in October. This trend is likely to continue with many Britons expected to book flights to USA in 2012 too.

The figures hinted that the destinations like Tunisia and the Red Sea Resorts (Sharm El Sheikh) lingered a bit in the booking activity for summer 2012. However, with travel companies attempting to lure tourists with cheap package deals including flight and hotel, the demand for these destinations is likely to increase.

The report further revealed that destinations like Poland and Ukraine, Jordan, Colombia and Cape Verde and Iceland will be among most frequented tourists’ spots in 2012.

Budget and luxury travel

The report indicated that the luxury and budget holiday markets are expected to perform strongly in 2012. Budget tourists are likely to seek all inclusive packages including cheap flights and accommodations while the high end luxury travellers are likely to head to far less touristed destinations including Antarctica.

Age group trends

10% of people over the age of 55 seemed least willing to sacrifice their holidays because of economic downturn and took approximately more than four foreign holidays in 2011. The report indicated a continuance of the same trend into 2012.

Online Vs High Street Bookings

The report suggests an increase in the presence of several major travel companies on the high street in 2012. An encouraging 25% increase in the number of travellers booking their air tickets and foreign holidays on the high street was witnessed in 2011 as compared to 17% in the year 2010, regardless of the reduction in overall shop numbers.

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