Monday, December 19, 2011

Red Roof Inn Undergoing Redesign Process

One of the largest budget hotel chains of US, Red Roof Inn has plans to go under renovation in the year 2012. As per the Internet sources, Red Roof Inn has set up a $90-million redesign project to upgrade almost each of its 350 hotels dotted all over the United States.

Every year thousands of travellers booking air travel tickets on cheap flights to Miami or to other major American cities end up staying at one or other property of the Red Roof Inn. It sure is a major hotel chain in the country.

Red Roof Inn has been gathering suggestion from guests on how it can improve the quality of stay in the hotels. And it has been reported that a majority of guests suggested the company to improve its physical infrastructure. So not surprisingly, the hotel chain has decided to implement the suggestion to provide the travellers booking cheap flights to Miami or Chicago or other cities with a comfortable and affordable stay.

As per the valuable comments of the guests, the hotel chain has decided to add at least four extra electronics outlets in every hotel room in order to power smart phones, e-readers and other electronic mobile devices. Another most requested modification that the guests asked for is to install flat screen TVs. Under its redesign process, the hotel chain has planned to put 32- and 37-inch flat-screen TVs in every hotel room by the end of the year 2012. The hotel chain is also replacing the carpeting with the latest wood-like flooring. Moreover, imparting better quality showerheads and more space for bathroom is also on the to-do list of Red Roof Inn.

Red Roof Inn is working hard to ensure that tourists who travel to America for their holiday trip get the best service.

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