Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Piece of Advice for Women Travellers to India

Bagged those cheap airline tickets for flights to India and looking forward to descend upon its shores?

Make sure to peruse some of the useful tips that might help you in getting the real value for money spent on flights to India.

Travel Light

Trains, buses and metros are the common sources of commutation in India. It is better to carry a light luggage for travelling via such modes. Every women traveller who grabs cheap flights to India must pack light and should stick to only two bags. Opt a handbag made of slash-proof material and strap or try to go for easily-convertible roll-aboard bag.

Stay in Touch with Your Family

Don’t forget to inform your family or friends about the hotel, you are staying in, and people travelling with you. Staying in touch with family is an inevitable thing for women travellers taking flights to India as it creates the sense of security among both.

Try to Stay away from Strangers

It’s good to be social especially while travelling but excess of mingling might leave you with a bunch of troubles. Be mindful of the motives of others and avoid sharing of personal information.

Choose a Safe Hotel

Reserving a reliable and safe hotel is a must-do thing after booking cheap flights to India. Opt for family hotels over low-cost hotels located at isolated places. Consider the rules and regulations and carefully check the rooms before check-in.

Dress Properly

India is a conservative country where westernised clothes are still unacceptable. Avoid being in limelight and wear sophisticated apparels like long tunics, loose pants or salwar kameez (an Indian ethnic outfit).

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