Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Vital Information for Indians Visiting UK

India! The mere mention of the name sends people on a fantasy trip teeming with incredible forts, mythical majesty, vibrant colours and vivacious aura.

No wonder, a flood of people are found contemplating booking flights to India ever day. Cheap flights to India are particularly popular in European nations like the UK as it offers them a look at the other end of the spectrum. But what happens when guests become hosts? What happens when Indians are the one who are planning to visit the UK? Let us all agree on one fact that entering the UK is just not as simple as booking flights to India and landing up in India. Indians need to be extremely thorough with their travel and flight documents, visa matters and other immigration formalities.

While applying for visa, Indians must make sure that their intent of visit matches the kind of visa applied for. There are different sorts of visas – student, tourist, family visit, business and others. Indian passport holders must take care to apply under the appropriate category.

Transit travel is another important part of aviation. Thousands of Indian passengers must be opting for transit travel through the UK in hope of picking cheap flights to USA or Canada from India. Transit visa is required for such travel.

Custom rules and information must also be kept in mind while entering the UK. Certain goods and items are banned from entry in the UK. One must take care of them and under no condition try to carry them in.

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