Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tips for Women Traveling in India from UK

Awareness of essential tips is absolutely must for every women traveller hopping flights to India. Read on and get the notion of some of the effective tips that decidedly help female travellers to safely enjoy Indian holidays.

Women travellers to India face infinite problems while roaming around the country. Some get annoyed with eve teasing, few are troubled by stalkers and others are put off by frequent molestations. It is absolutely must for female travellers to be cognizant of some handy tips that debar unwanted situations and doubles up the joy of the trip.

Go for Cultural Clothing

Dressing is something that attracts much of the attention. Wearing short-skirts or tight clothes is a major source that attracts lots of eyes. Proper dressing is absolutely must for every woman traveller hopping on cheap flights to India. Wear long tunics, loose pants, trousers or traditional clothing like salwar kameez, especially when you are wandering around villages, bazaars and markets. In addition to this, go for synthetic apparels that wick away sweat and suit the Indian climate.

Stay away from Strangers

Try to stay away from strangers and avoid mingling with them. Shun being frank with men you meet in trains or buses, as it may lead to unexpected sexual advances. Avoid making conversations with unknown men and if someone does, then try to keep it minimal and never share any personal information with them. Although female travellers grabbing cheap flights to India can befriend women, yet cautiousness about one’s motive is must.

Ask For Directions

Always ask for directions at the time of vagueness. It is better to confirm the directions and places before heading to any unknown area. Women travellers booking flights to India can hire a reliable tourist guide for getting the assistance. Besides, they can also take guidance from hotel staff or buy an effective travel guide to get acquainted with different regions.

Be confident

Always exude confidence while walking down the street. Act as if you know the place and are clear about the destination. Try to keep your head high and voice firm while talking with strangers and never let the jittery feeling appear on your face. Being confident makes you appear surefooted and help in warding off severe dangers and undesirable situations.

Keep an Eye on Your Belongings

Pickpockets and thefts are not unheard of in the country. It is must for every holidaymaker bagging airline tickets on flights to India to keep an eye on their belongings. Never trust any stranger for your luggage and avoid carrying valuables like cash or gold jewellery. Avoid accessing your money belt in public places and flaunting your jewellery in front of others.

Safety and Security

Safety and security are key ingredients for happy holidays. Always stay alert and mindful of the people around you. Avoid going to isolated places and never travel alone. Refrain from taking a cab or auto with more than one man. Avoid hitching at all cost and do not accept invitations from strangers.

Travel Light

Trains and buses are the common modes of travel within India and with heavy bags it will be very difficult for you to travel comfortably and quickly. Avoid carrying more than two bags at a time and go for roll-aboard bag that can be easily converted into a backpack.

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