Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Goa Awarded by Lonely Planet; Seeks to Promote Monsoon Tourism

Lonely Planet’ has chosen Goa as the most valued and relaxed tourist destination of the world. Additionally, to raise the popularity of Goa among travellers taking flights to India, the state authorities have planned to promote Goa monsoon tourism.

India’s top holiday destination, Goa has been conferred with the title of 'Best Value Destination in India' and the 'Best Destination for Relaxation' by Lonely Planet.

The award was based on the votes of the readers of Lonely Planet magazine. The globally renowned travel magazine came up with Lonely Planet India Travel awards for the first time in a bid to celebrate those who provide the best travel experiences in the country.

On receiving the award, Goa Director Tourism Swapnil Naik expressed his contentment and said that Goa tourism is making constant endeavours to encourage a steady tourist inflow and keeping the travellers happy by offering them unforgettable experiences. He said the Goan Ministry is honoured that the state has been voted as the best destination for relaxation as well as the best value destination in the country.

Goa, popularly known as the beach paradise of India has always been a tempting holiday destination among international travellers. Goan beaches remain the biggest lure for all sorts of vacationers planning holiday tour to India. Be it the loaded traveller with luxury on agenda or the budget minded with tickets on cheap flights to India in focus, Goa tempts all!

Goa to Promote Monsoon Tourism

Earlier this month, the Goan authorities put forward their plan to promote monsoon tourism in the state to entice more number of travellers to book Goa-bound flights to India in the lean season. For this, the State Government of Goa is contriving to endorse the region’s waterfalls, lush green forestlands and inland waterways as alternatives for the beaches.

Monsoon is generally considered as off tourist season in Goa as during this part of the year the travellers are restricted from going too close to the beaches because of the rough weather. Consequently, the number of tourists planning holiday breaks to Goa plummets during the rainy season even though they can easily net airlines with cheap flights to India during the time.

During off-season months, the Goa tourism remains dependent largely on the domestic tourist flow.

Mr Parulekar, the State Tourism Minister explained that the state authorities want to change the concept that Goa is only for beaches and are planning to offer different alternatives to the international as well as domestic travellers.

Travel and Tourism Association of Goa (TTAG)’s spokesperson, Ralf D’Souza, revealed that during the last lean season, the hotel occupancy was around 60 per cent. However, with such significant moves taken by the state authorities, Mr D’Souza anticipates that Goa will be able to beguile more number of travellers this year and will emerge as a year round holiday destination.


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