Monday, May 7, 2012

Useful Tips for Disabled or Less Mobile Travellers

Air travellers with disabilities are free to avail extra services at the airports and in flights. A number of passenger friendly services are available at most airport that can be easily availed by individuals requiring special assistance due to old-age or illness.

Special assistance is extremely important for holidaymakers who are flying to long-haul travel destination like India. If there is no right assistance, a flight to India can be an ordeal task for such travellers. It is highly advisable that travellers with disabilities inform the airline of their needs at least 48 hours before boarding their flight to India.

Mobility Assistance at the Airports

Most airports offer mobile assistance to differently-abled travellers. For instance, disabled travellers taking cheap flights to India can get mobility aids like wheelchair and guides for easy movement at the airport. 

Assistance While Boarding the Flight

All the airlines provide on-board assistance for disabled holiday makers. These passengers are normally called for boarding before other air travellers and are offered special services.

Tips to Heed While Booking Your Flight Tickets to India

  • Be specific about the kind of disability you have so that airline can make right arrangement as per your needs and preferences.
  • Try to book tickets on direct yet cheap flights to India. Taking direct flights ensures comfortable air travel for holiday makers with disabilities.  
  • Prefer landing at major airports like Delhi Airport or Mumbai Airport. These airports offer upgraded disabled passenger friendly services and provide direct and cheap flights,
  • While booking the tickets, tell the airline or tour operator about different needs that may arise during departure, in-flight, stopovers and on arrival in India.

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