Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lucknow, Varanasi May Serve International Flights to India

With India fast galloping towards becoming the hottest holiday destination in the world, the authorities in the country are making sure that nothing is left to be desired as far as industry infrastructure is concerned. 

Report published in India’s leading English daily (Times of India) suggest that tourists and business travellers who book flights to India are likely to have two more additions to their list of Indian airport they could land on. Lucknow and Varanasi airports are the ones that will probably attain the international status in the near future, something conveyed by the by country’s Civil Aviation Minister Ajit Singh at the inauguration of the new terminal building at Lucknow airport on Saturday.

Lucknow and Varanasi airports currently do operate international flights but these are limited essentially to West Asia and Nepal. Both airports have integrated status, meaning both domestic and international services operate from the same terminal building.

Experts, however, are apprehensive about the airports’ appeal among international airlines. They believe the entire region of Uttar Pradesh need to be developed to attract global players. The two airports could well become a gateway or exit point to Buddhist circuit, something that is sure to attract tourists from South Asia.

With enhanced alternatives as far as landing airports are concerned, one may also hope to work out a travel schedule that may bring tickets on cheap flights to India for international travellers.

There are unconfirmed reports that few airlines are showing interest in operating flights to Bangkok and Colombo from Lucknow.


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