Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Incredible Tiffin’ Campaign to Boost Indian Tourism

Trust India to be unique and innovative!!

The Union Ministry of Tourism (MoT), Government of India has come up with an ingenious idea to sell the country as a holiday destination. The ministry is promoting the ‘Incredible Tiffin’ campaign, an initiative by Cuisine Society of India at ITC Maurya. Under the program, people outside the country will be offered tiffin packaged with ethnic Indian food. This will be done to lure people to book flights to India.

The ministry believes that more number of foreign tourists will book tickets on flights to India once they are acquainted with the ‘taste’ of India.

India is replete with lures and attractions but many would agree that rich food remains one of the biggest beguilers for tourists who look for airline deals for cheap flights to India for a fulfilling tour. Different states and territories of India have different food specialities and this what ‘Incredible Tiffin’ aims to reveal.

India’s Minister of Tourism, Subodh Kant Sahai launched the campaign and said the ministry is hoping that a good number of tourists would start looking for cheap flights to India because of this campaign.

V Sunil, Creative Director, Incredible Tiffin expressed the need to explore more avenues in order to attract more foreign vacationers and to keep India as a popular holiday break option among tourists.

It sure is a novel idea to let the travel buffs know what is in store for them.

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