Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Culinary Choices at Bengaluru International Airport, India

Bengaluru International Airport is the way to go if culinary treats are to be had! One of India’s busiest airports, Bengaluru International has decided to amp up its parade of gastronomic delights to mark its 4th anniversary.

Both domestic and international travel buffs using the airport would very soon be able to enjoy the wide range of ethnic and international delicacies.

Bengaluru International Airport remains a top choice among heaps of holiday makers who plan a tour to South India. Apart from offering convenient connections to leisure vacationers taking cheap flights to India, Bengaluru Airport also attracts a number of business travellers. Bengaluru is one of the premier hubs for information technology in India and is revered world over as one of the top venues for entrepreneurial ventures! Being such a popular airport among travellers taking flight to India, it seems that the new offerings of the place are likely to be received welcomingly by the passengers.

From June, travellers landing up at Bengaluru would enjoy the treats of different food joints. Apart from local and regional flavours, one could also savour the taste of international dishes. Halli Mane (local cuisine), Wangs Kitchen (orient), Chai Point (food and beverage) and Hatti Kaapi (authentic South Indian coffee) are the new offerings of the airport authorities. Aimed at high profile fliers with business class airline ticket deals, Pause Lounge Bar Restaurant is another option for travellers at the airport. 

Sanjay Reddy, Managing Director, Bengaluru International Airport, expressed his gratitude towards airport users and passengers for their support.


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