Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lalit Hotel to Establish More Hotels in India

With global players jumping in from left, right and centre for a share of pie in India’s hospitality scene, one could not just expect India-based hotel chains to keep quiet!

One of India’s premier hotel chains, The Lalit has decided to follow suit and make an investment of Rs 1,200 crore to increase its business in the next three years. Apart from establishing new luxury properties, the luxury brand will also enter the mid-level segment, serving budget travellers taking cheap flights to India.

As of now, the hotel chain has around 10 properties in India, with almost every one catering to the lavish vacationers on India tour. These properties are located in metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai or top holiday destinations such as Goa and Jaipur, popular among tourists taking flights to India.

Reports say the hotel chain will invest Rs 700 crore to establish eight new luxury hotels in cities like Chandigarh and Kolkata and will make a further investment of Rs 500 crore for setting up 25 mid-level hotels, which will be branded as ‘Lalit The Traveler’. Mid-level properties will be set up in tier-2 and tier-3 centres. With a maximum of 50 rooms, budget hotels will target domestic and international travel buffs who are expected to take cheap flights tickets to the country.

Besides, luxury and mid-level properties in India, the hotel chain is also planning to make a foray in the international markets.

With record number of FTAs and domestic tourism as its peak, different hotel chains from all over the world are indeed looking towards India for growth.


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