Thursday, October 18, 2012

Visa and Passport Tips to Mull before Travelling To Malaysia

Be it the colourful smorgasbord of tantalizing cuisines, incredible sights or lively festivals, holidaymakers remain inundated with excuses to book air tickets on Malaysia bound flights. However, it is smart to get acquainted to various facets of entry requirements before going about spending on those cheap flights tickets for the destination. Here are some quick facts about visa and passport requirements for Malaysia as advised by Foreign and Commonwealth Office (


§       Britons booking flights tickets for Malaysian holidays do not need to procure a visa before-hand as they can stay in the country for three months without a visa. However, those taking flights tickets to the country for non tourism purpose or longer stays must get a visa before arrival.

§   The Malaysian authorities strictly scrutinise immigration documents, such as work permits. So, those buying cheap flights tickets to the country must make sure not to infringe any entry rules or overstay in the country. Overstays may call for hefty fines, detention and finally deportation at defaulter’s expense. 


§      British nationals booking flights tickets to different Malaysian destinations must make that their passports are valid for more than a six month from the date of arrival into the country.

§ Visitors spending on flights tickets to travel from Peninsular Malaysia to East Malaysia East must ensure that they carry their passports with them as they may be asked by immigration officials to show their passports to enter East Malaysia.

§ Malaysia does not recognise dual nationality so dual nationals must do well to enter the country on the passport on which they exit last destination of departure to avoid entry denials.

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