Wednesday, October 31, 2012

E-Ticketing Trial Run for Taj Mahal

India’s Taj Mahal remains the biggest money spinner for the authorities when it comes to the dough churned out from the entry tickets of historical monuments all across the country. The monument is, undoubtedly, the biggest spectacle that awaits foreigners who disembark off their flights in the country! So surely when the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), governing body of the landmark attraction, decides to initiate the e-ticketing facility for Taj Mahal, few interested souls would sit up and notice. 

The trail run for the e-ticketing facility is already underway and till the convenient service is fully operational, the authorities will set up extension tickets counters at certain specific points in the National Capital Region (NCR) and Lucknow, providing easy options to foreigners buying tickets on flights bound to India. 

Agra’s marble mausoleum is undeniably the biggest push that compels global audience to look for cheap flights tickets for travelling to India. In 2011, 340, 000 foreign visitors making tickets bookings on India flights visited this majestic exhibition in Agra. 

Before Taj, ASI had initiated e-ticketing trial run for Qutub Minar, a popular historical structure in Delhi. It is the triumph of the programme at Qutub that has supposedly led the authorities to execute the concept in Agra. 

Archaeological Survey of India plans to introduce e-ticketing for 116 monuments whose public entry is through tickets. Surely, it will be a convenient option for leisure tourists on flights to the country.

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