Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Explored India Well? Think Again!

India is a strange country. But of course, we needn’t tell you that, you already knew it! This enigmatic Asian nation is as mysterious as they come. From snake charmers to terrifying rituals, from incredible beauty to astonishing nature – there’s a reason cheap flights tickets to this country are as revered as any of the many gods there!

Beyond the ashen splendour of Taj Mahal, far away from the regal magnificence of architecturally-brilliant forts, separated from the major ‘stars’ of Indian tourism and hidden from the prying eyes of the tourists who land in India with flights ticket in hands, there lies another India – an India that can be strange and an India that can be equally terrific! Here’s an idea (just an idea!) of some of the veiled Indian lures that most tourists booking flights tickets to the country usually miss.

Hundreds of corpses floating in a lake! No, this is no scene from some horror movie but a real thing at one remote corner of Himalayan Mountains. Roopkund Lake, aka 'Skeleton Lake’, has hundreds of corpses floating in it. Grab flights tickets to the enigmatic nation to unearth this eerie wonder!

Travellers have another fantastic reason to get their hands around cheap tickets on flights headed to the nation. Located near Leh in Ladakh, the Magnetic Hill is one place where you can drive uphill with the ignition off! Now, if more places were like this, we could all save some money on fuel, just like we do on cheap flights tickets!

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