Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Tantalizing Triplet of Luxury Hotels from Bali

Bali is a popular destination and sees streams of visitors taking tickets on flights to the island, every year. Quite unsurprisingly, the destination simply teems with scores of accommodation choices. However, lavish hotels of the island simply steal the show when it comes to entertaining sybarites. Let’s take a quick tour of just three of most luxurious retreats that simply redefine the mores of extravagance and elegance!

Ubud Hanging Gardens
One cannot leave Ubud Hanging Gardens aside, when talking about some of the world’s most luxurious hotels. Located in the heart of tropical Bali, Ubud Hanging Gardens offers 35 opulent villas that seamlessly make for best options for any extravagant travellers spending on cheap tickets for flights to the island with a desire to experience unparalleled opulence and comfort amidst the superb natural exquisiteness draped in ultimate exquisiteness and mysticism.

Ibah Luxury Villas
With 17 spacious, uniquely designed private guestrooms and an array of deluxe services and amenities, Ibah Luxury Villas caters for nothing but smiles! Revered hospitality and cosmopolitan flared ambience coupled with all the possible opulence and luxuries make this hotel an ideal accommodation choice for both business and leisure traveller spending on tickets on Bali bound flights!

The Oberoi
The Oberoi is yet another famous lavish retreat that offers guests all the contemporary comforts blended with famous Balinese hospitality! The hotel is very much sought after by couples and honeymooners spending on tickets for international flights to the Indonesian island. With opulently decorated rooms and suites, a riveting world of leisure and business facilities, a spell in The Oberoi is certainly like playing royalty in some erstwhile castle.

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