Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Connaught Place - The Essence of Delhi Resides

Cosmopolitan, historical, lush, colourful and vibrant – Delhi, the capital of India is a city that gifts you the world of experiences and a collage of lively sights. Its essence resides in always quivering and unrestrained entertainment centre, the Connaught Place, fondly called by locals as “CP”. Words literally fail the travellers who book cheap air tickets on Delhi bound flights and tour this mesmerizing central business district. 

The colonnaded two story buildings, the Central Park, the Janpath, the underground Palika Bazaar and proximity to India Gate, Parliament House and the President’s House, the colourful precinct offers a rendezvous with the quintessence of Delhi. Its quaint design, massive size, events that it hosts, myriad shops, and most of all people who flock here, make it a hit with one and all. Many travellers booking tickets on flights to this fascinating capital of India swear by the superb retail therapy and amazing food culture of the area.

Buying cheap tickets on flights to India’s capital indeed offers one with countless shopping prerogatives and Connaught Place is one of those glorious haunts for retail therapy. Sybarites can brace themselves for a roller coaster shopping ride through the hottest arcades in inner and outer circles. And bargain hunters can head to Janpath and revel in never-ending retail therapy. Even if you are not a shopaholic, a souvenir picked from here is well-worth the money spent on flights tickets to the city.

Eating Out
The fact that most epicureans who book cheap flights to the city arrive in CP, bears testament to the popularity of the area.  Strewn with spicy Indian street food vendors to the finest restaurants, upmarket cafes and swanky lounges, the business district exactly knows how to regale its guests. CafĂ© 100, Q’Ba, United Coffee House and Taste of China are some of the popular haunts for foreign tourists who book flights tickets for sojourning the city. 

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