Friday, October 12, 2012

Delhi Art Festival to Please Art Lovers

Artful souls planning to grab tickets on India bound flights to Delhi in the peak travel month of October are a happy lot now. Visitors to the city in the month of October will be treated to arts galore. India’s dazzling capital, Delhi is all set to host the sixth edition of Delhi International Art Festival 2012. The event will rock the city starting from October 27, 2012 till November 10, 2012.

With talented artists from across India and abroad lined up to showcase their skills in a variety of media, the event is expected to tempt huge number of visitors from different parts of the globe to look for cheap tickets on flights to the city to partake in this entertaining event.
This edition of the fiesta will showcase a range of events from classical, fusion, world to contemporary music and dance– both Indian and Western; contemporary theatre, cinema festivals on artistes, literature and comedy to amuse those taking air tickets on flights to wonder Indian capital during the celebration. 

With so much and more on offer, art lovers from worldwide are sure to book tickets on India bound flights to the city to attend this amazing event. All of those who wish to avoid those expensive tickets to India must make early bookings for their flights as the fest is set to take place during the peak travel months of October and November for the country.

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