Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bihar Rivals India’s Key Tourist Destinations

Given the increasing footfall of foreign tourists, Bihar has become a favourite destination among hordes of holidaymakers who book ticket deals on flights to incredible India.

As per the state’s tourism authority, the number of foreign tourists in Bihar is expected to cross 1 million this year. From January to August this year, more than 0.84 million foreign tourists visited the different historical sites here which are considered the USP of the state tourism.

Bodh Gaya, Nalanda and Vaishali are the prominent Buddhist draws of this state of India that increase the demand for flights tickets among Buddhism enthusiasts.  

As per the reports, the destination is receiving one out of six international travellers who flock to India. There is a more than ten-fold increase in the count of arrivals.  The historical sites of the province attracted good number of holidaymakers who bought flights tickets to the country. 

The tourism authority is taking further steps for catching the fancy of domestic as well as international vacationers who spend on tickets deals for flights to this destination of India. 

This north-eastern destination of India is already a treasure trove of cultural and spiritual gems. And now it is leaving no stone unturned for beguiling the global holidaymakers’ travelling on air tickets. 

According to reports, the Indian state is flocked by higher number of holidaymakers on international flights than the country’s premier beach hotspot – Goa. Considering the tourist attractions and endeavours, it is expected that the state is going to be a worldwide hit.

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