Monday, November 5, 2012

Top Three Classic Gems of Bangalore’s Nightlife

Bangalore packs in infinite mondo attributes as its claims to fame! However, one of the key draws that tempt thousands to look for tickets on cheap or premium airlines’ flights to the destination is its popular nightlife scene! The effervescent nightlife of the city is stylish, elegant and classy and never fails to impress! Take a look at three of the most exciting pubs, clubs and bars that abound a whirlwind of fun and frolics!

Hard Rock Cafe
Jam-packed with everything essential to take the charm of the city to a surprisingly different dimension, Hard Rock Café is one of the swankiest chain bars in Bangalore. With its electrifying ambiance, exotic drinks and appetizing food, this popular bar delights every night animal who spends on tickets for international flights to this destination in South India

Purple Haze
Immensely popular with head bangers, Purple Haze is a vivacious nightclub where glamour, style and music blend together to arouse the senses. Purple Haze transcends to a vibrant party mosaic as the sun fades in the oblivion! No wonder, it lures almost every party lover booking tickets for travel aboard flights headed to the destination to relish the most thrilling and mesmerizing facets of night.  

Peco's unfolds itself as brilliant party mosaic for night owls who spend on flights tickets to the South Indian city of Bangalore. Though this pub brews its own beer and sells no spirits, the electrifying ambiance and its interiors adorned with posters of John Coltrane, John Lennon and Frank Zappa remain a big hit with rock fans!

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