Tuesday, November 27, 2012

SriLankan Increases Its Trivandrum Frequency to Double Daily

Travellers seeking increased flexibility and augmented flights tickets options between the two neighbouring countries - India and Sri Lanka – got their wish as SriLankan Airlines starts operating double daily flights between Trivandrum and Colombo. The increased frequency of flights is operational from November 22, 2012.

Keeping in mind the soaring demand of tickets among flyers looking to travel between Sri Lanka and India, the airline decided to increase its services to Trivandrum, one of the major commercial hubs of South India.

The boost to the flights frequency on Trivandrum- Colombo route is likely to bring an expansion in the connectivity across the airline’s global network. The airline believes the move will particularly benefit its passengers from South India who are often found seeking cheap deals on tickets for a travel between Kerala and Sri Lanka’s capital.

Trivandrum is the second destination in India to have got a frequency boost by the SriLankan Airlines this year. Earlier in May 2012, the airline increased its flights frequency to Kochi.

Including the additional flights, Sri Lanka’s national carrier offers tickets deals on 87 weekly flights to seven popular cities in India. These cities are Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kochi, Mumbai, Trichy and Trivandrum.

The carrier has A320, A330 and A340 airliners in its fleet which it uses to operate on the India route and offer tickets deals.

With its increased number of flights, the airline hopes to become the choice carrier for passengers looking for tickets for travel between India and Sri Lanka.

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