Thursday, November 22, 2012

With AI, Fly on the High-Density Mumbai-Delhi Route Every Hour!

With India’s peak tourist season kicking in, airlines in the country are looking to prepare themselves to cater to the huge demand of flights tickets. Air India has taken the initiative and will now be offering hourly flights on Mumbai-Delhi route, which is considered one of the busiest intra-national sectors on the globe.

The holiday season in India witnesses busy tourism and the related activities in the nation, something that is not just confined to domestic commotion but also the international one, and that too massively! And the heightened demand for tickets on flights connecting Delhi and Mumbai is a resulting affect of it.  

Air India, country’s flag carrier, will be offering flights services between the cities every hour, ensuring increased demand of tickets is met. Passengers looking to book tickets for this sector with the airline can now fly every hour between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m. The announcement implies that AI will now offer 18 flights daily on the route. 

While the announcement is sure to impress domestic flyers in India, it also presents itself as a case of happy concern for foreigners booking flights tickets for a tour to India. The hourly service will offer flexibility and convenience to the travel plans of tourists and business flyers landing in India and looking for a connection between country’s two busiest air hubs. Delhi and Mumbai witness the most number of foreign tourist arrivals in the country, with each representing one corner of the expanse.

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