Friday, November 2, 2012

Indian Restaurants in Auckland - A Fleeting Overview!

Auckland, New Zealand is one of the favourite places on the globe for food lovers! The metropolis is inundated with choices and alternatives for gourmets who wish to sample the very best and the most diverse of dishes in the world. A good number of gourmands holding air tickets on the flights bound for New Zealand are enamoured by region’s incredible grub offerings!

Amongst others or even before others, Indian cuisine in Auckland is highly loved. There are plenty of restaurants in the city that promise to offer you an authentic fare of India that is sure to leave you craving for more. Indeed, for food lovers taking flights tickets to this New Zealand city, the options are plenty. Here is a brief overview of top eating joints in the destination specialising in India fare, ones that are sure to satisfy epicureans purchasing flights tickets to the city.

Oh Calcutta compels many foodies who book tickets on New Zealand bound flights to make a reservation here. The place is considered the best Indian eatery in New Zealand! Great and a charming aura are the potent highlights of the place.

Chand Restaurant is another fine place to be for the lovers of food taking flights tickets to Auckland. Chand is characterised by fine spread of dishes, wonderful lighting and excellent service. Being a cheap eatery, it appeals highly to budget vacationers seeking cheap flights tickets to this New Zealand city.

Shahi Indian Experience and Saffron are two other haunts for gourmets who love sinking their teeth in Indian fare!

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