Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Riveting Beaches and Food on Holidays in Miami

Magical Miami is a place where beaches and eating out are obsessions! The colourful city of Florida has everything what it takes to be a fun destination. Spending leisurely time on the sun-kissed swathes of sand and savouring the lip-smacking food are great ways for making your holiday a hit. If you are able to, you will come back home smiling and satiated feeling happy that you chose Miami for USA holidays. The amazing coast and food are truly worth the money spent on those flights tickets and holiday costs.

Beguiling Beaches
With azure sea coalescing with sky at the horizon, the beaches of Miami take you to the Eden that you would never like to come back from! Riveting sunbathing and rejuvenating water sports, swathes of white sand, and calming sounds and sights simply spell ecstasy and perennial bliss. Situated on the south end of key Biscayne, Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park boasts Cape Florida lighthouse and remains a popular haunt among most vacationers buying air tickets on international flights for visiting the most happening coastal destination in the USA. South Beach is another most popular destination to have quintessentially Miami beach-experience and revel in the essence of the city.

Virginia Key Beach, Haulover Beach and Homestead Bayfront Park and Marina are some more seaside destinations that rank high on itinerary of holidaymakers procuring tickets on flights to this part of the USA.

Eating Out
Food is divine in Miami and catches the fancy of every visitor buying those cheap tickets on USA flights. From Italian to Thai, Cuban to Chinese and from economical to expensive, this city’s fare leaves foodies simply speechless. Perricone's Marketplace in downtown overwhelms with authentic Italian cuisine in an old-school style and serves an eclectic carte du jour.  Azul is another lure in CBD that will regale you with utterly scrumptious cuisines.

Choices for beaches and restaurants in Miami are countless for extravagant as well as budget holidaymakers contemplating buying cheap flights tickets for an ultimate holiday in the USA.

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