Saturday, July 27, 2013

Eat Like Mughal Kings at Delhi’s Top Restaurants

India’s Seat of Power, New Delhi has long been a compelling stopover for bon vivants from across the globe! But the city is literally flooded with choices galore for those who dream of relishing Moghul inspired royal flavours. In fact, most gastronomists who block tickets on scheduled flights bound for India spend a few days in the capital city only to immerse in the delectable Moghul flavours! 

Bukhara is a popular restaurant that serves a virtual world of flavours! Amongst the world of creative cuisines served here, Mughlai grubs are perhaps the most sought after! Indeed, Bukhara’s delectable platter filled with Mughlai flavours has long been a strong trigger propelling the demands for tickets aboard flights to this city amongst food lovers.   

Karim's is one of the most renowned Mughal eatery that compels many gannets to look for tickets on flights bound to India. Karim's tantalizing menu of scrumptious Mughlai cuisines and its mesmeric ambience are perhaps the most acclaimed highlights of the eatery enticing foreign gastronomists into booking tickets on international flights arriving in India, year on year!  

Dum Pukht is yet another fascinating place to be for the bon vivants who book tickets aboard scheduled flights arriving in India. Dum Pukht is revered for its long list of authentic Mughlai flavours and its hypnotic ambiance. Being a recherché restaurant, it appeals highly to luxury seekers who spend on tickets aboard full service flights to the capital.

Moti Mahal and Khan Chacha are the other popular dining places for gourmands who wish to eat like the great Moghul emperors on their holidays to India!

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