Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lighthouses to Become Tourist Destinations in India

Foreign holidaymakers who are grabbing hold of tickets on flights bound to India can soon expect to experience a new concept in the country – Lighthouse Tourism! Indian Government has given the nod for the financial assistance to develop heritage lighthouses as tourist destinations. Soon, India will be able to provide yet another unique holiday adventure to leisure travellers netting tickets on flights for coastal cities like Mumbai. 

As per reports, of the 15 heritage light-houses having historical importance, Kanhoji Angre light house will be developed in the first phase of the project. A construction of a boat jetty and passenger terminal at the venue are being contemplated. Kanhoji Angre Island is located just few miles off the south of Colaba, Mumbai and can surely be promoted as an interesting alternative for a day trip once the jetty is developed. Locals as well international tourists who block air tickets and board Mumbai bound flights might soon be able to include a wonderful day excursion to their travel schedule. 

There is a feeling that the development of heritage light-houses will not only promote tourism in areas like Mumbai and offer a superb venue for holiday makers to spend an afternoon after booking flights tickets for the region but also protect the national heritage of the country. It is also believed that the project will give a boost to the growth of Cruise Tourism in India and encourage more vacationers to choose cruise holidays.

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