Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cape Town - Health & Safety Tips for Britons

Cape Town is a jewel in the crown of South Africa, luring hordes of Britons to invest on tickets for flights to the country. Being a popular tourist destination, the city boasts a high-standard health and safety facilities. However, travellers must pay heed to certain tips and advice just to be on the safe side. Take a look at some sage advice!

Cape Town is a neat and clean metropolis of South Africa, promising no wellbeing concerns for Britons who book tickets on flights for holidays here. The tap water is drinkable across the city and it can be consumed. The food quality is equally reliable. There are number of high quality restaurants in the metropolis that serve fresh and utterly delectable cuisines. Some of the renowned ones are La Colombe; Codfather Seafood & Sushi; Constantia Uitsig and Il Leone Mastrantonio. These rank high on the travel circuit of legions of gourmets who make reservations for tickets on flights landing in the nation. 

South Africa also boasts decent medical facilities with an exceptional series of state and private hospitals. However at the same time, it is advisable to get travel insurance before the tour. It should be noted that adults visiting the destination do not require any inoculation.  

British travellers blocking travel tickets aboard Cape Town flights would be delighted to discover that the city is extremely safe with low rates of theft and crimes. It is sensible to practice general advice and tips like avoid walking alone at night, hitchhiking and keeping your belongings in hotel room safe. 

Pay attention to the warnings and good words of the Cape Town Tourism Visitor Centre to ensure rewarding experience in South Africa. Last but not the least, keep an accurate map and guide when visiting Table Mountain National Park on foot.

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