Thursday, July 4, 2013

Phang Tsedup Festival to be Held in India in July

The Phang Tsedup Festival, an annual religious event organised by the ancient Phang monastery in Leh city of India is scheduled to start on the 6th of July this here. This is a holy occasion for those of the Buddhist faith and lasts for a period of two days. Held near the popular summer getaway of Leh city in Ladakh district of India, this fest radically increases the demand for tickets aboard flights reaching the area. 

The main attraction for those buying air tickets to this part of India during this occasion is the sacred mask dance performed by the monks attired in colourful silk robes. These dances also include dance-dramas known as “Chhams” that represent the triumph of good over evil and give flights of fancy to the imagination of the visitors. The first phase of this revelry is a special prayer dedicated to Skyabje Jigten Gombo, the founder of this monastery in Ladakh district of India.

This year’s revelry will also witness the unveiling of the mammoth thanka that commemorates the life and deeds of Skyabje Jigten Gombo, which is done only once in three years. The organisers are expecting a huge turnout with Buddhists from round the world purchasing tickets to board flights landing in this part of India. An additional attraction is the display of various artefacts related to Buddhism, some of which would be available for sale. During this event, the monks’ abode is open to public and holiday makers can view the colourful paintings on the walls inside the building.

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