Friday, July 12, 2013

Exploring Nairobi National Park and Its Many Wonders

Millions go to Kenya to savour its natural treasures, and this East African country offers splendid excursions and never fails to live up to the expectations of one and all. But the best thing is that one barely needs to leave the capital of the country for that unforgettable experience! Only 15-20 minutes from Nairobi city centre, Nairobi National Park tickles the fancy of wildlife buffs and is a great excuse for them to bag cheap deals for flights tickets to the destination.

Inside the park are lions, hippos, zebras, leopards, buffaloes and many other attractions for the visitors who consider booking tickets aboard Nairobi flights. Camping here can be so much fun, as it allows visitors to come close to nature and its wildest creations, and that too without discarding modern comforts. Nairobi Tented Camp is the first accommodation of any sort to be allowed here and is loved by everyone who seeks a different kind of adventure after booking tickets on flights to this part of Kenya.

Kingfisher Picnic Site is a famous resting spot in Nairobi NP, where tourists may encounter some rare species of animals and birds while enjoying fun time. Where else can you capture a scene of wild animals enjoying their natural habitat with skyscrapers in background! The paved and all-weather dirt roads in Nairobi NP can be navigated by cars and vans, which travellers can pick up at the gate or any tourist office in the city.

Though located close to the city centre, this animal reserve in Kenya enjoys a fascinatingly scenic setting with a variety of habitats, from open grass plains to dry forest and rocky river gorges. The wildlife enthusiasts who spend on tickets aboard flights bound to Nairobi, Kenya can spot many intriguing and rare species of animals, birds and reptile. One will have to opt for jungle safari to sight them going about their business.

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