Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Popular Activities for those Visiting Kerala’s Backwaters

International travellers who purchase tickets onboard flights reaching the southern state of Kerala in India are often seeking a relaxing vacation. But only rest does not make a true holiday experience, so, here are a few popular activities for ensuring a truly amazing time amidst the backwaters of Kerala.

Natana Kairali Research & Performing Centre for Traditional Arts

The diversity of Kerala is best showcased by the wide range of traditional arts practiced in various parts of the state. The Natana Kairali Research & Performing Centre showcases a wide range of such local arts including puppetry and dance. For the truly keen international visitors who reach India aboard flights terminating in the province, there are special classes available in lieu of a small fee. The centre organizes a special five day long mohiniyattam dance event in December that often leads to a sharp increase in the demand for entry tickets to this establishment.


A trip on a houseboat may be expensive but the tour is sure to leave the participants gloating about their decision to book tickets on flights terminating in India. This adventure might not be listed as luxury travel but it does have its charms of sleeping under the stars and feeling free from all the worldly cares as one travels at a lackadaisical pace along the waterways lined with coconut palm. A house boat trip typically includes authentic local delicacies served on board during meal times along with scheduled stops at major attractions in and around the area. Those looking for a more luxurious alternative can make bookings aboard any of the luxury cruises that operate in the area for a truly memorable holiday experience in the lap of lavishness. An alternative might be taking short trips by purchasing tickets of the local ferry service. No matter how you sail these backwaters in India, they are bound to give flights to your imagination!

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