Friday, December 28, 2012

A Glance into the Magnificent, Lively Dubai Souks

Embracing old time glory like no other, souks or suqs of Dubai, UAE offer a peek into the times gone by! What is more, these traditional markets are the playgrounds where you hone your bargaining skills, experience the best of variety and attain satiety. Grabbing tickets deals for flights arriving in UAE offers the rare prerogative of wallowing in the unfathomable grandeur that flows in abundance right through all the alleys of these bazaars. Read on and get a clear picture!

Gold Souk
Lined with panoply of shops glistening with yellow, gold souqs of Dubai are where all that shines and sparkles follow you like shadow. The glorious aura of traditional UAE and bounty of mind-blowing range of jewellery and array of platinum, diamonds and occasionally silver ornaments are the reasons why these markets catch the fancy of shoppers who book flights tickets. The suk in Khalid Bin Waleed Road and Gold & Diamond Park are two popular suks to visit.

Spice Suqs
The fascinating sights of multihued spices and strong aromas in narrow paths that brim with open and closed-roof shops – spice suks are truly a wonderful spectacle and leave you gloating over your decision on buying flights tickets to travel to Dubai! Here you will find all kinds of herbs used in Arabic and South Asian food. Bargaining is the way to fetch great deals and have a rewarding experience. Spice Souq, located in Deira, features items like cinnamon and aniseed and remains a haunt among most travellers who make tickets reservations for UAE flights.

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