Saturday, December 29, 2012

Top Two Walking Tours to Take in Delhi

With colourful culture, satiating food and intoxicating shopping scene, Delhi oozes spectacular grandeur from its every street and corner. And the sheer might of city’s alleys and avenues can be revealed through walking tours. For westerners, a leisurely walk is the most-foolproof way of wallowing in its cloaked glory and making the most of their money spent on air travel tickets and flights arriving in the capital of India.  Have a look at two popular ones!

Connaught Place (CP)
It is the heart and soul that ceaselessly quivers with excitement. Almost every holidaymaker who books flights tickets to travel to India make way to CP for wallowing in city’s essence.  It is the epitome of Lutyens' Delhi and has many landmarks like colonnaded buildings, Central Park and Janpath, and simply regales the visitors. Shopping, eating and partying has become the culture of CP and quintessential activities. You can check out Janpath and Tibetan Market and relish the eating scene in haunts like CafĂ© 100, Saravana Bhavan and United Coffee House. Spending some time in Connaught Place is well worth the bundles invested on visiting India and buying all those flights tickets.

Old Delhi Bazaars
Redolent of the gone by era, the captivating Old Delhi is a must-see and there is nothing better than taking a walking tour for immersing oneself in pleasures. From splendid culture to imposing ancient architecture, everything is fascinating and leaves you gloating over your decision of grabbing cheap tickets for flights arriving in India. The bustling market called Chawri Bazaar, the Jama Masjid, Meena Bazar, Chor Bazar or "Thieves' Market” and the Chandni Chowk are some of the enchanting quarters that vacationers who make tickets reservation for flights to the city can explore.

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