Thursday, December 20, 2012

India Hopes to 'Swing' In Golf Tourists with New Association

Those who just love teeing off would be delighted to find another avenue to do so. India has always been a top holiday destination and now the country aims to promote tourism by adding golfing in its armoury of delights! The India Golf Tourism Association (IGTA) was launched very recently in India’s capital city, New Delhi. The association is formed with the objective of promoting the game and to tempt tourists to book flights tickets to have golfing holidays in the country.

The association will be working out different means to set India on the radars of golf lovers and to compel them to seek flights tickets deals for India. The IGTA will be participating in road shows and attending international trade events for the purpose. Also to lure sports lovers and professionals to have their tickets booked on flights bound to India, IGTA will organise a tournament, in a joint effort with the government authorities.

The news has been well received by India’s tour and travel operators. Many of them feel the initiative to promote the game would result in an increase in the sales of flights tickets with golf tourists.

With all its leafy splendours, India could well turn out to be an incredible golfing destination. Regions like Srinagar, Gulmarg are highly sought after by the game lovers who grab tickets on flights landing in the country.

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