Friday, December 7, 2012

India Eases Visa Norms for Foreign Tourists

Tourists who are very often stung by the ‘India bug’ but are discouraged by the country’s visa norms can now afford a big smile and start packing bags and look for the available cheap flights tickets! The Government of India has decided to ease visa restrictions for tourists who look to book tickets on flights arriving in India pretty soon after their last departure from the country.

Authorities in India have decided to ease restrictions on visas which made it mandatory for holiday makers to sustain a two-month gap between consecutive visits. With India’s peak tourism season underway, the decision to allow holiday makers to book flights tickets and land in the country without having to wait for the stipulating time period would surely spell wonders for the nation’s industry.

India is a inundated with charms and lures that remain unparallel around the world, however the nation’s contribution to global tourism is surprisingly low with a mere share of 0.64% in international tourist arrivals in 2011.

Industry insiders too believe that lifting of the 60-day ceiling will motivate regular foreign vacationers to book tickets deals on India bound flights. Tourists can even use India as a hub and grab flights tickets for onward journeys for visiting neighbouring countries.

So far in the year, there has been a marginal increase in the figure of foreign vacationers grabbing tickets deals on India flights as compared to 2011. Till October, 2012, over 5 million foreigners picked flights tickets and arrived in India.

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