Wednesday, December 12, 2012

India Unveils New Tourism Campaigns

India has realised the immense potential the country holds in the tourism sector and has hence gone all out to ensure more and more people are interested in booking flights tickets deals for travelling to India! The country’s tourism ministry have recently unveiled new campaign to promote the country as holiday destination among international vacationers, tempting them to visit their travel agent and make reservations for flights tickets and organise their holiday tour in India. The ministry is also focussing on the domestic sector and has launched a promotional strategy that is primarily aimed at people within India. The international campaign is known as “Find what you seek”, and the domestic one is called “Go Beyond”.

These new campaigns, launched recently in London, will be aimed at increasing the number of foreign tourists who take tickets on direct or international flights to the ancient land of India. Currently, India attracts around 6 million foreign holiday makers every year and the nation hopes to inflate this figure in the next five years.

‘Find What You Seek’, the international promotional strategy, goes with the idea of highlighting the assertion that India offers everything a tourist looks for when he books his flights tickets. India’s Innumerable destinations and different tourism-related products ensure that the country remains in the thereabouts of ‘top holiday hubs’ and entice vacationers to seek cheap flights tickets for a tour of the expanse.

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