Tuesday, December 18, 2012

How to Do Abu Dhabi on a Budget

With its soaring popularity, it’s hardly surprising why many believe Abu Dhabi to be a playground that fits only in deep pockets! However, it is not too difficult for even the shoestring visitors who grab cheap flights tickets deals to the destination to explore the luxurious extremes of the nation. Read on to know how.

Budget Travel
Like most other exotic hotspots, flights tickets to the emirate of Abu Dhabi also sell like hot cakes. So it is smart to make bookings in advance. This helps to avoid any chances of missing dirt cheap deals on tickets for flights scheduled to land in Abu Dhabi. Also, it is advisable to be flexible with the flights schedule and to travel on less popular dates to get cheapest deals on tickets to the destination.

Budget Hotels
Though an expensive destination, Abu Dhabi has no dearth of pocket friendly hotels to offer shade and shelter to shoestring visitors. But being economical does not make the affordable properties low on quality. Pocket friendly hotels of the city offer some of the most amiable facilities and services blended with peerless Middle Eastern hospitality to make their guests gloat over their decisions to book flights tickets to the destination.

Budget Dining 
Dining scene of Abu Dhabi is quite widespread and one may easily find multitude of budget restaurants that serve delightful and good quality yet reasonably priced fare to satisfy every kind of appetite. If you are booking flights tickets to the city, rest assured you can treat your taste buds to tantalizing flavours without being harsh on your pockets.

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