Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Discovering the Sights of New Zealand on a Bicycle

New Zealand is among the most popular travel destinations on Earth and its rugged beauty is probably the single greatest reason why tickets for cheap flights to the country tend to vanish like greased lightning. The entire country is sparsely populated with hundreds of miles of pristine wilderness as far as the eye can see. This is what makes biking trips through the countryside so popular leading cycling enthusiasts worldwide to queue up for air tickets on New Zealand bound flights.

For those who seek untouched wildness, the Pathway of Fire trail is a hot favourite. Even casual bicyclist and hobbyists can undertake this relatively easy track and complete it in 2 days. The route is dotted with numerous places of interest including the Waiotapu Thermal Wonderland, Green Lake picnic area and the lush green Whakarewarewa Forest. Those who seek the great outdoors experience of New Zealand when reserving tickets on long-haul flights can ill afford to miss out on this adventure. 

Some travellers prefer to explore urban areas on bikes and for them Queenstown is the perfect place to be at. The options are extensive and include the four day long route preferred by experienced riders that passes through hundreds of miles of wilderness. This trip features picturesque scenery both at the urban centre and the scenic environs, which provides the traveller with the best of both worlds. If you are reserving tickets on flights destined for New Zealand, do not forget to include this trip in your itinerary.

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