Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sheer Splendour Defines Nature Reserves of Singapore

Singapore always tops the list of travellers booking flights tickets to spend a prolific holiday in Southeast Asia. World class malls, sophisticated dining and sumptuous shopping are the top reasons why tourists take Singapore flights time and again. However, the country is not only popular for its contemporary facet, but also for abundance of natural allures that entice overseas explorers.

Central Catchment Nature Reserve is a must visit site for those looking to add a refreshing characteristic to their trip to the country. This is the largest natural region in Singapore featuring different recreational areas such as Singapore Zoo and Night Safari. It is a nocturnal zoo, first of its kind anywhere in the world. Besides numerous animals, Night Safari also features array of cultural performances. Bongo Burgers and Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurants are well-known eating joints within the zoo. Adventure cravers netting tickets to board flights arriving in Singapore should visit this bewitching destination to walk over HSBC TreeTop Walk, a suspension bridge that connects MacRitchie and Bukit Pierce.

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is another renowned protected area that catches the fancy of hordes of travellers who book tickets aboard Singapore flights. The rich flora of the park consists of macaranga, rattan and figs. Popular recreation activities in the area are hiking, running and cycling. The area features numerous trails with varying difficulty levels. While being a part of any of the activities on these trails, travellers can admire mammals such as scaly anteater, the colugo, pangolin and flying lemur. Tickets are not required to enter the park.

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve also defines the rich natural treasures of Singapore. The wetland is divided into various habitats namely freshwater, black mangroves and mudflat. Fishing enthusiasts spending monies on flights terminating in Singapore must visit this national park to catch sight of beguiling fauna like mullet, halfback and archer fish. Besides fishes, the water bodies in the region also feature mudskippers, mud lobsters and saltwater crocodiles. Numerous worms are also inhabited in the site. Most popular ones are plover, sandpiper and atlas moth. Entry tickets are not required on weekdays.

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