Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Popular Destinations to Take Tribal Tour in India

Tribal tours are emerging as popular attraction among overseas travellers on India holidays. The nation is home to world’s largest tribal population that’s alive with rich traditions and fascinating cultures. Today, a good number of westerners book packages to tour the tribal areas strewn all over the nation. Take a look at two of the well-known destinations!

Rajasthan has over 15% of the tribal population. No wonder, buying packages for such tours and holidays to the state remains the most honest approach for immersing into their unique ethos and culture. Bishnoi's, Bhils, Gaduliya Lohars, Damors and Sahariyas are among the key social divisions that attract good number of travellers. Bhil is one of the most entrancing one that tickles one fancy with their extraordinary way of life and traditions. The five-day Baneshwar fair held every January or February in Dungarpur remains the best time to plan such holidays. It is a remarkable affair when visitors can behold the vivid traditions of ethnic groups of India and have wonderful holidays.

Home to 50 distinctive communities, Maharashtra offers plenty of opportunities to experience the best of tribalism in India. A good number of packages and tours are available for experiencing the intriguing lives of Bhils, Gonds, Mahadeo Kolis, Pawras, Thakurs and Warlis. Packages to Purushwadi village, boasting sizeable amount of Mahadeo Koli tribe remains the most popular ones. They are among the friendliest communities who heartily greet the visitors and provide glimpse to thier eclectic community. All and all, the experience makes for remarkable holidays in India.

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