Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Know the Top Tourist Destinations in Penang, Malaysia

Embellished with panoply of utterly fascinating tourist trappings and a salubrious weather round-the year, Penang is one of the most sought after holiday destinations in Malaysia. This one of the smallest yet most beautiful states in the country welcomes one with a melange of man-made and natural splendours, and hence lives up for every penny spent on flights tickets for holiday here. Full of life beaches like Teluk Kampi and Muka Head are apt for basking into the warmth of nature, while the modern metropolises like Georgetown not just offer the myriads contemporary delights but also unravel Malaysia’s historical and cultural essence. Cosmopolitan shopping experience and remarkable dining at the top class restaurants in the state are some other prerogatives for holidaymakers booking flights tickets and holiday packages for Penang. 

Here are some major tourist destinations in this captivating Malaysian state: 

Penang’s capital city is a great whirl of history, art, music and a fascinating cosmopolitan life. A UNESCO World Heritage site, it is home to many churches, temples and attractive pre-Second World War houses that leave history enthusiasts gloating over their decision of buying air tickets on flights headed for this enchanting city of Malaysia. One can opt for a walking tour or a bike tour to explore this gorgeous town.  

Batu Ferringhi
Hordes of locals as well as tourists visit this place for basking into the warmth of smiling sun, unravelling breathtaking underwater charms or pampering their heart and soul with a sheer indulgence at luxury hotels & resorts. 

Teluk Bahang
Another drawing card of Penang, Teluk Bahang overwhelms visitors with its scintillating beaches, delicious food and elating water sports in abundance. No wonder, this sea-side gem is one of the primary reasons why tons of fun-loving tourists buy flights tickets for holidaying in Malaysia.

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