Monday, September 23, 2013

Florida Keys Activities Enticing Tourists from Around the World

Florida Keys are among the most secluded areas in the entire USA. However, the archipelago is better known for its many adventures instead of tranquillity. Every year, a large number of tourists spend monies on tickets aboard USA flights arriving in Florida to feel the thrill of aquatic activities like sailing, kayaking, scuba diving, swimming and snorkelling. These small areas are also famous for their natural richness.

Nature lovers visiting Florida Keys should not miss out on visiting Dry Tortugas National Park in Key West. While visiting this massive national park, holidaymakers can indulge in variety of activities. Tourists booking flights tickets to Florida especially to explore the underwater treasure here should consider diving into the waters of this national park. The calm waters boast spectacular coral reefs replete with colourful marine species. Camping and bird watching are other popular activities that keep adventure lovers coming to Dry Tortugas. Visitors need to buy the entry tickets.

Dolphins are among the most lovable creatures on this earth. Family holidaymakers contemplating to book flights for unforgettable vacations in this part of the USA must plan a day out at Dolphin Research Center located in Marathon. This is an apt place for kids as well as adults. Live shows consist of playful acts of these marine creatures and visitors can know several new things about them. Tickets for the shows are required and can be purchased at the venue.

Florida Keys are also home to a few notable museums in the USA that feature various facets of the coastal areas. One of the most popular museums in the region is History of Diving. Divers buying tickets to board Florida bound flights must visit this museum to take a closer look at the magnificent collection which is peppered with antiques, documents, books, artefacts and photographs.

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